Zombie Shooter: Death Hospital is Rated at 4.7 Stars

The dead aren’t the only things rising in Zombie Shooter2: Death Hospital. The highly addictive game had its soft launch last week and it continues to improve and grow more popular. You can see it being talked about on several blogs and websites. It is now being played by even more people. If you haven’t started then you’re surely missing out on this epic AR zombie shooting extravaganza.

Let’s put some numbers here if you aren’t too convinced to start playing yet. Zombie Shooter: Death Hospital now on the Google Play Store: https://goo.gl/akqkwf, has an amazing 4.7 star rating, from 12 different reviews. Looking at the installs, it seems more than 100 people have started playing the game, who knows, soon it may even be in the thousands. You don’t want to be the only person not playing this game.

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If you love a challenge, if you love horror, or if you love shooting zombies, then this game is the perfect one for you. As the updates continue to roll out, the game will only grow to improve. Let us rise up survivors to combat the oncoming zombie plague. This will be a good lesson in survival; the zombie apocalypse could come at any time. It’s better to be caught prepared than to be caught sleeping.

ame Features:

  • Realistic zombie shooter
  • Control your Aim using the Gyro Sensor
  • Horrifying 3D Graphics
  • Over 10 Powerful Guns to Unlock
  • Gain access to over 19 items that will aid you
  • Save the 8 Survivors to Upgrade your Stats

About Zombie Shooter2 – Death Hospital

“Zombie Shooter2 – Death Hospital” is a free-to-play augmented reality shooter developed by Playpark.Co., Ltd. In this game, you play as a journalist who must survive a horrifying zombie outbreak. Fight against all odds as you collect weapons and items to help you stay alive and save survivors along the way.

Official Links

Download Zombie Shooter2 – Death Hospital in Google Play Store

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