You Might Not Have to Pay A Lot To Get the Xbox Series X At Launch

Xbox All Access will be so critical that the Series X could be available via subscription right at launch

If money is kind of tight for you, and you’ve been saving up to get the new Xbox Series X, then you might be happy to know that there will probably be another option: Xbox All Access.

Word comes directly from Phil Spencer during the Game Lab Live keynote, where he did everything but confirm that the Series X would be supported by the subscription service at launch. And, if it’s not included in the program at launch, it will probably be included shortly thereafter.

“Xbox All Access is going to be critical to both our launch for Xbox Series X as well as just the overall generation”

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He also went on to admit that in testing All Access there has been a major limitation in where it has been available, but that will all be changing very soon:

“The response that we’ve seen where we’ve tested All Access has been great, but as you said, it’s been limited in terms of the market. So you’re going to see a much broader market and retailer support for All Access.”

And, while he didn’t come right out and say the Series X will be available via subscription at launch, there more fuel on that fire than you think. If you head over to the Xbox All Access website, you can see that there’s already an option in place to upgrade your current plane to include the Xbox Series X once so many payments have been made. If that’s not good enough proof, the I don’t know what is.

What is Xbox All Access?

Due to limited market availability, you might not know what Xbox All access is. It’s a subscription service that, as of the time of this writing, includes an Xbox One S or Xbox One X and 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate (including Xbox Live Gold) for a monthly subscription price. It gives you the freedom to upgrade your console as you see fit and it is, in a way, pretty budget friendly as you don’t have to pony up full retail value for a console at the time of purchase. The current price is $19.99 for 24 months, but when the Xbox Series X is included, that price could increase depending on the console.

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