You Can Get the EVE Online Starter Pack for Free Right Now

If you haven’t experienced EVE Online yet, right now is probably the best time to do so. It’s a space-based mmorpg that’s based around the future of life in space. You can buy ships, build space stations, join factions, trade, mine asteroids, and do anything else you would expect to do when mankind becomes a true, space-bearing race. And, you can make new friends in the process. The game is free-to-play and, while there are a lot of DLC packs that you need to pay for, they aren’t necessary to enjoy the game. Now, for the next day or two, you can get the EVE Online Starter Pack, a DLC that usually runs $5.00, for free through Steam.

What Does the EVE Online Starter Pack Give You?

The starter pack comes with, pretty much, everything you need to get a good jump on the game. You get a 250,000 skill-point boost, the Celerbral Accelerator – a boost for damage and skill – a bundle of start ship skins, and Blood Raider Apparel. It also gives you access to Omega, a premium subscription that includes access to all ships and usually costs about $15.00 a month on a month-to-moth basis or as little as $11.00 a month is you subscribe for 12 months at a time. Of course, once the seven day trial runs out, it’s up to you whether or not you continue it, but chances are you will and, let’s be honest, $15.00 per month isn’t bad for a game if you’re really into it. If you’re into the idea of space travel and exploration, you just might be.

EVE Online Subscription Costs

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EVE Online is completely free to play and you don’t have to subscribe. You can grind your way to the top without paying much of anything if that’s what you’re into. It could be considered pay-to-play but it’s nowhere near as bad as a lot of games out there as you won’t be extremely handicapped if you don’t chip in.

USA PricingUK Pricing (VAT Included)Russia
1 Month: $14.951 Month: €14.95 1 Month: RUB 559
3 Month: $38.85 ($12.95/M)3 Month: €38.85 3 Month: RUB 1469
6 Month: $71.70 ($11.95/M)6 Month: €71.706 Month: RUB 2569
12 Month: $131.40 ($10.95/M)12 Month: €131.4012 Month: RUB 4899

Final Words

In the end, a $5.00 DLC isn’t really all that impressive, but one can’t really argue with free either. Plus, if you get it now, you’ll get a head start on a game that you may very well love. If you want it, though, you better hurry as the 100-percent discount will only be active until April 12 at 1:00 PM.

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