You Can Get Ark Survival Evolved at a Huge Discount Right Now

If you like dinosaurs and crafting, you’ll definitely like Ark Survival Evolved. The game sets you in a world where dinosaurs didn’t disappear and humans can try to live between them. You will wake up on a beach, and you will have to harvest food, wood, and stone to survive and improve your situation. The game lets us tame different dinosaurs, too. First, we must be weaken these beasts until they blackout. After the beast is down, you will access his inventory where you will place food. If everything goes well, you will have your dino pet.

You can build your base using resources and improve your equipment. First, we start with stone tools. Then we go to iron (medieval theme).

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I like the game; it’s open-world allows you to explore and create wonderful buildings based on the wild bowels of your imagination. If you want more action, and the dinosaurs won’t bring you that experience, you can try and play multiplayer, where you can create your “alliance” or go around and fight and steal from other players. The idea of building an army of powerful dinosaurs, capable of destroying everything in your path, especially if you’re playing multiplayer is especially interesting. The best part is that you can get the game for just $10.99 on steam right now. But, you better hurry up – this 80-percent discount came in coordination with a free-play weekend that has come and gone.


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