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Xbox Just Trolled Sony Hard After the “PS5 Talk”

It seems that the Series X Thanksgiving release date was “inaccurately listed”


Right around the time the PS5 talk was taking place, The Great Britain version of Xbox.com briefly displayed “Coming Thanksgiving 2020” on the dedicated Xbox Series X page. Naturally, this happened just in time for every gaming outlet in the world to pick it up and, it really did shift the water current away from the few things we’ve learned about the Sony PS5.

While the Thanksgiving 2020 date (November 26) might turn out to be accurate, the site has now been reverted back to “Coming Holiday 2020” and Xbox Live boss, Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson, was quick to jump on twitter and deny the Thanksgiving 2020 launch date.

So, unless Microsoft was briefly hacked in a very subtle way (not very likely for this to be the subject of a hack, by the way) the Thanksgiving date had to be there for a reason. A good excuse or reason could be that a minor site update accidentally push an update out a little early. If the latter is the case, then we’ll find out closer to Thanksgiving when the Xbox Series X officially launches.



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