WoW Classic: Location of the Angry Scytheclaws


We can all remember how frustrating this mission actually was. Let’s go back – you’re in “The Barrens” zone and you just received “The Angry Scytheclaws” mission, the first question is “alright, I have to kill, but where?” A good reason to qualify this mission as “hard” is the same reason “The Lost Battle” was hard. Both of them featured the same Barrens’s location and required, to some extent, a lot of killing.

To find the angry Scytheclaws, you must go to the south part of “Crossroads”, follow the road until you find yourself beside a bridge that travels across a dry river. Do not cross it, though because you need to go left. Hidden by lumps, close to a small hill, lays the raptors nests mentioned in the quest. As you approach the nest, a glowing light will reveal all three nests. The raptors that you kill here will drop items at random. Keep a look out for feathers, and Collect 3 of them from the raptors you killed. The feathers will drop only from “Sunscale” raptors, so you may need to slay more than 3 to collect all the feathers you need. After you collected all 3 feathers, go and destroy any of the nests, as long as you destroy at least three.

Before starting your journey, try to equip your character with the best items you can afford, as you must fight a lot of raptors, even if they won’t drop the feather you’re looking for. Besides the raptors, other creatures also roam around this location, so it is better to be prepared as a battle will ensue.

In this series of quests, your reward will be mostly silver and the final one will give you a leather belt, an uncommon wand or shield.


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