Would You Play a Battle Royale Mode in Fallout 76?

Thanks to the world of data mining, we’re always privy to leaks and theories about where games could or will go in the future. Today, it looks like Fallout 76 – a game that’s come under plenty of scrutiny since its release – could soon offer a battle royale mode. The word comes via Reddit user KittysCrown who says that some sound files hidden inside the source code for Fallout 76 hints at a new Battle Royale mode. The game mode is, supposedly, called Nuclear Winter and will apparently stick you inside Vault 51 to “carry out tests on human ability.”

Nuclear Winter is going to be a battle-royale style game mode hosted inside of Vault 51, with the ZAX of the Vault narrating. The ‘explanation’ for this is that it is meant to carry out tests on human ability, etc.”

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According to KittysCrown, the sound files, which can be downloaded on SoundCloud, are sounds directly from an upcoming Battle Royale mode. However, with the plethora of Battle Royale games out there, some of which offer much better gameplay than Fallout 76, it seems like this is probably a lost cause at best. Even fellow Redditors aren’t convinced of the sounds authenticity or the reason behind the game mode for the latest Fallout.

“I don’t get them. Most of us bought the game because we love Fallout universe. Who the hell buys this game for PvP when there are a LOT of games that do a better job at PvP?, said Fack,behaviourgames. Reddit user Sgt_kane said, “I’m REALLY worried about this update.” KittysCrown even went on to say, “This makes me think fortnite kids n sh*t will come over to Fo76 and I don’t really condone that.”

Meanwhile, some are okay with the idea as long as it doesn’t mess up the game too badly. User KagonRhodes said, “Honestly? As long as the other two vaults are strictly PVE and that there isn’t massive things locked behind the PVP I don’t mind too much. Just something I won’t be doing like survival I guess.”

Sure, the whole last-man-standing thing is kind of fun at times, but there are plenty of other games out there that already have a pretty strong hold on this genre. It seems to us that Bethesda could do a lot better by simply improving Fallout 76 to make it a worthy title in the franchise. After all, 76 is considered by some as the worst Fallout game of all time. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.

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