World of Warcraft Welcomes Two New Races


Without giving us even a small hint, the 8.3 updates revealed that two, very cute races will be added to World of Warcraft. Even if they’re scheduled for the next year, we can only imagine how we will destroy our enemies using a small, harmless-looking creature. The Vulpera, those little foxes you might remember, will join the battle on the Horde’s side and the Mechagnomes will join the Alliance.

If you wish to play as one of these new characters, you can’t just simply create a new one. You have to reach a certain point, reputation, and complete some other quests in order to unlock them. Even if the Mechagnomes aren’t as impressive as the Vulperas, they still present interesting features, and I don’t see how some “robots” don’t fit in a world of fantasy and endless imagination. Even if they look more “evil” than their more natural friends, we could expect more mayhem from the Vulpera than these little robot dwarfs.


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