Will We See Pennywise Show Up in Fortnite Anytime Soon?

By now, you’ve surly heard of Pennywise the clown, the main villain in Stephen King’s novel “IT” or the horror movie “IT.” He’s a demonic clown with shapeshifting powers that feeds on childern’s fear. Well now, as you travel across the large world of Fornite, you may be surprised to see that red balloons have started to appear in the most common of places – above sewers and even a toilet as you can see from a couple of tweets posted below.

We can assure you that there’s no underground party. Destroying the ballon won’t give you any materials or some crazy legendary loot – just a scarry laugh starting from nowhere. This could be a new crossover, as IT Chapter 2 will be in U.S. cinemas this weekend.

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It won’t be such a big surprise, as crossovers have taken place often in Fortnite’s battle royale arena. Even if “IT” is not appropriate for children, neither was “John Wick.” It is a big difference between horror and action movies, but an assassin killing everyone in his way to get his car back and avenge his dog is not so appropriate for children either. Despite all of this, it still made its way in the battle royale arena. Another crossover event was the Avengers limited events, but those were less violent indeed.

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