Will TakeOver Be the Name of Fortnite’s Chapter 2?

With no clues regarding season 2 of Fortnite chapter 2, but there are rumors that it will include helicopters. We’ve seen so many things come and go, including interacting with aliens and many other strange things, so helicopters aren’t so special. But, they will be a welcome change after the sheer length of seaon 1. The leak came from HYPEX, a well-known leaker, who uncovered some key details when datamining the Epic Games launcher.

Another reveal came from a teaser image on a Fortnite Twitter official account. It inlcuded gold shards and the interior of a base discovered by Hypex, it has to do something with the eye land which can be found in the center of the battlefield. The case goes even further, as the teaser image reveals more info. If you tweak the colors, you will be able to see a hidden background(thanks to Reddit for that). The image revealed a helipad, the reason why the thoughts of helicopters are in every player’s head. We have no idea if there will be something other than helicopters, maybe planes, but we can only wait and hope at the moment.

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Another “teaser” is the golden handprint, spotted for the first time in Sao Paulo station and later on players would be able to find it in numerous places in the entire map. This doesn’t stop here as the situation goes deeper. Following these signs, players discovered a phone number that revealed a message about some agency recruitment drive
with an oil rig when dialed. Going further, some objects are now turned into gold, more exactly in the Eye land area. There could even be a new character coming to the game, related to a cat, Agent Meowsicles, due to the cat sounds.

I don’t know what’s happening at Epic Games, but it seems that Fortnite is turning into a search for clues and solving mysteries, perhaps in the future, we’ll receive a Scooby-doo event, who knows?

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