Whispering Hills Mod is the Silent Hill – Fallout 4 Crossover You Didn’t Know You Wanted

A post-apocalyptic Silent Hill? Now that’s pretty cool and damn creepy at the same time

Fallout 4 was a good game in its own right, as was Silent Hill. But, what happens when you mix the two? Take a post-nuclear, post-apocalyptic world in Fallout 4 and blend it with lots of fog, hellish monsters, and the creepiest sounds you can imagine at the most random times. It’s not hell, although we can’t imagine hell being much worse. That’s also what makes the Whispering Hills mod for Fallout 4 so freaking amazing. Well, if you like Silent Hill, anyway.

The Whispering Hills mod is basically the hellish landscape I described above, and it’s one where you can be dragged into a world of horror at any given time. Fallout 4’s Commonwealth will feature 10 different thick fog effects, and a whole bunch of new surprises that seem to always catch you off-guard. The usual Fallout 4 background noises have been replaced by much spookier noises and there’s a full lineup of evil that includes Ghouls, twisted nurses, Twin-Head Screamers, and even mutant dogs.

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Whispering Hills has been around for about a year now, but it’s getting more attention than ever as it’s become the subject of a major update that includes a new monster known as a “Sirenhead” (Seen in the video above.)

So, even if you’ve passed up this mod in the past, it’s certainly one to put on the shortlist – especially if you’re a fan of Silent Hill. Get your copy of the mod and learn how to install it!

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