Where is Fortnite’s Week 8 Secret Banner?

Naturally, you’re probably wondering where the secret banner for week 8 season 8 is located, and we have good news for you. The loading screen for week 8 was leaked and, as usual, it holds some prime information that we can decipher. The details in the leaked loading screen give us grid locations, which should point you directly to the banner.

As you can see from the image above, there are two different grid numbers hidden away in the lower portion of the image, on either side of the RUIN skin. We’ve marked them to make them easier to spot, but if you know what you’re looking for, they are pretty hard to miss. The coordinates that you see on the left are B6 and B7, while the right side holds coordinates C6 and C7 – big surprise there, right?

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If you open up your Fortnite map and look for these four grids, you’ll find that this area is on the frozen lake, just north of Polar Peak. We’ve highlighted the area in the image below to make it easier for you to spot. Just be sure that you remember that you can’t just run over to it – you need to complete all of the weekly challenges in order to access the “secret” banner.

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