Where Are Fortnite Season 2 Secret Passage Locations?

For this week 6 challenge, you’ll need to ride Steamy Stacks, use a Secret Passage, and ride a zipline

Week 6 of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is in full effect and it comes complete with a second round of Meowscles’ Mischief challenges that you have to complete. We’ve already given you a guide on where to destroy the dog houses and told you Where to find Lake Canoe, Camp Cod and Rainbow Rentals, and now it’s time we tell you about how to ride the Steamy Stacks, a zipline, and use a Secret Passage.

Finding Steamy Stacks is easy enough, just head to the north eastern corner of the main continent (marked in red on the map below) and the zipline is just south of it (marked in blue in the map below.) But, what about the secret passages? Well, if you don’t know about them, they were introduced as part of Season 2’s spy theme, and they are scattered all over the map. If you haven’t noticed them, they might be tricky to hunt down, so we’ve put them all on the map below, circled in yellow.

Where are the Secret Passages in Fortnite?

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There are at least 9 of the secret passages that Epic Games scattered across Fortnite’s map when it introduced Season 2. For this week 6 challenge, you only need to use one of them to complete the challenge, and we’ve marked all of them in yellow in the map below.

How to Complete the Steamy Stacks, Zipline, and Secret Passage Challenge

Now that you know exactly where to look for the secret passages, this challenge should be relatively easy. However, be aware that you have to ride the Steamy Stacks, Zipline, and use the Secret Passage all in the same match, so it might be a little more difficult that on other challenges if luck isn’t on your side. Our recommendation is to use the secret passage at either Pleasant Park or The Grotto, then head over too Steamy Stacks and the Zipline. This will put you as close to all three as possible. Another idea would be to land at steamy stacks, then head south to the zipline, then head over to either of the aforementioned secret passages.

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