What You Need to Know About the Minecraft Nethers Update

As we’ve learned from Minecon, the Nether in Minecraft will get a major update. Many new features will be introduced, including the “SoulSand Valley,” “Netherwart forest,” and many new mobs.

The SoulSand Valley

The SoulSand valley is presented as death land, filled with bone structures known as fossils. It’s one of the rarest structures that you can find in the overworld. We also get to see stalactites, who are constructed and, from the look of it, with a new purple block. A new characteristic was added for SoulSand: when you place fire on it, the flame will become blue regardless of the world you are currently in. To complete this gorgeous picture, we will have a blue fog that will replace the endless red we’re all used to.

Netherware Forrest

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Netherwart Forests we’re also presented, in two different colors: Red and Blue. With a new use for the Netherwart block as leaves and a new block instead of wood. New plants we’re also featured, including new mushrooms of different colors and a nether version of grass.
Also in these forests, you will be able to find a new type of light source that is yellow but completely different from the Glowstone, which was the only “light” block from the Nether until now. The blue version of this biome will feature blue Netherwart, blue logs, and blue soil. The grass and mushrooms will be the same.

New Mobs

“Piglin Beasts” will roam these new Nether Forests, looking amazing and resembling boars. It will be an aggressive type of mob. The amount of damage they deal is low, but we can see how they can be found in packs, which makes them dangerous enough. They will serve as a new food source, probably pork chops and perhaps a specific drop.

“Piglins” we’re also presented as a new mob, close enough to the old “Pigman”. Holding a Golden Sword or a crossbow. They will be aggressive towards Wither Skeletons and “Piglins.” They can also attack you if you open one of their chests or if you don’t wear a full set of golden armor. That’s right; golden armor has a purpose now! These chests will contain gold-based materials: armor, ingots, nuggets, and ores. You can exchange items with them but in a new way. If you throw gold at them, you will receive another item in exchange.

If you want to know more about the future update, check out Minecraft: Overworld New Features.

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