What Does Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon World Premiere Teaser Mean?

Is a new Ghost Recon Game coming?


A rumor that’s now a few months old about something new in the Ghost Recon world picked up momentum last week on the official Skell Technology website when an event known as “Skellcon” kicks off at 11:30 am PT on May 9th. Now, Ubisoft has actually confirmed that something new is coming to Ghost Recon with a somewhat cryptic tweet earlier today.

At this point, we still don’t know exactly what’s coming, but we do know that there’s some kind of “world premiere” coming for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon. What’s interesting is that “Skelltech” isn’t actually a real company – it’s a company from the Tom Clancy game universe that makes a lot of high-end weapons and gear used by Fourth Echelon, Rainbow, and Ghost Recon. It’s also a prominent figure in the recent Wildlands expansion “Operation Oracle.” In that DLC, the Ghost Recon team teams up with a Jon Bernthal lookalike in order to recover a Skell Engineer that was captured by the Bolivian Special Operations Unit.

With that expansion well in the books, it’s about time for something new, but we’re not sure exactly what. Ubisoft hasn’t offered any hints about this big “world premiere.” Could this world premiere actually be a decoy for a crossover from Ghost Recon to Splinter Cell? That would be a huge development and, while Ubisoft has yet to confirm that a new Splinter Cell is actually in development, the rumors have been, if nothing else, persistent. After all, in the Splinter Cell world, Sam Fisher is getting pretty old, and Cole D. Walker from Operation Oracle would make a suitable replacement for him – he does have a venomous voice and some pretty violent impulses.

Then again, the “world premiere” could be a new addition to the Ghost Recon lineup of games or it could be a rather expansive expansion or DLC pack that would push Ghost Recon Wildlands to the next level. However, it should be pointed out that “world premiere” is pretty strong wording for a DLC, but anything could happen. Either way, we’ll find out on March 9th, so stay tuned!


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