Watch Dogs Legion Released Date Revealed for Current-Gen Systems

Next-Gen Versions of Watch Dogs Legion will come shortly after the game launches on current-gen systems

Ubisoft’s Looking Forward event – the company’s digital replacement for this year’s canceled E3 – came with a seven-minute trailer for Watch Dogs Legion (embedded below) and an official release date of October 29, 2020. The game will launch for current-gen systems this October with next-gen versions of the game “coming soon.” What that means is up for debate, but you shouldn’t expect to see it land on the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 until at least February 2021.

Watch Dogs Legion Gameplay Overview Trailer (July 2020)

The trailer for Watch Dogs Legion gives is a look at the main villains in the game – Albion CEO Nigel Cass and Mary Kelly, the latter of which is the leader of the most powerful crim syndicate in London. This is the woman responsible for money farming organs on the black market so, you know, not a nice lady. Outside of this wee also get a look into the interesting recruitment system that pretty much lets you recruit just about anyone.

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In the trailer, you’ll notice a drone expert that can hack Albions drones and a soccer hooligan who will take less damage than others because he’s drunk. These two pieces of the puzzle fit in nicely with the leaked screen shots from the other day.

Watch Dogs Legion Will Be Available via. Microsoft’s Smart Delivery System

Right after the trailer aired, Xbox’s Phil Spencer jumped in to say that Watch Dogs Legion will be a Smart Delivery game. That means that you can buy it now (or at launch, obviously) and upgrade to the Xbox Series X version when you get your new console without paying anything extra.

Watch Dogs Legion Launch Packages and Pricing

At launch, Watch Dogs Legion will be available in three different forms. If you pre-order the standard edition, you’ll also get the Golden King Pack with a few different golden skins. If you pre-order the Gold Edition, you’ll also get the Golden King Pack, three days early access, and the season pass. The Ultimate Edition comes with everything you’d get in the Gold Edition, plus the Ultimate Pack – something Ubisoft has yet to completely reveal. Pricing has yet to be confirmed, but the usual pricing structure of $59.99 for the Standard Edition, $79.99 for the Gold Edition, and $99.99 for the Ultiate Edition seems about right.

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