Warframe’s Third Open-World Zone Looks Trippy as Hell

The Duviri Paradox is nothing short of a bad acid flashback that doesn’t end


Warframe has been adding open-world zones to expand beyond the usual small-map, claustrophobic run-and-gun combat scenarios for the past couple of years. The last two open-world zones were pretty awesome, but the third one – The Duviri Paradox – is something that just goes beyond anything we expected. It was revealed during Digital Extremes’ annual Tennocon convention, but developers have yet to tell us when it’ll actually be implemented into the game. One this is for sure from the reveal trailer, though – it’s certainly not like anything we’ve seen in Warframe so far.

The surreal landscape brings in a new enemy faction and ages your operators forward into adulthood. Unfortunately, there’s little more to tell you about the Duviri Paradox as of now, but you check out the trailer above, you’ll certainly be as excited as we are to check out this new zone when it does become available.

Warframe The Duviri Paradox Gallery


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