Walking Simulator feels like a parody of Death Stranding, but it's much more simple. you're tasked with the simple mission of delivering packages from one place to another as the world's last postman. There is no action or combat in the game, but you will find some obstacles along your way, including people that like to knock you down.

Walking Simulator – Review and Impressions

Pushing the Limits of Your "W" Key

This game recalls one recent, massive game release – Death Stranding. The game seems more like a parody, though, and even some in-game tasks will tell you to stop playing.

The game’s title described it best, and you will have to walk a lot while carrying huge packages, like an extreme food delivery guy. Before I even start to describe the game, there is 0 action in it. Be warned, that you might get bored if you just came from something that includes combat.

The game will ask you to deliver packages from one location to another. The distance will be far, too, as the first mission took me 10 minutes to complete. You can find extra bags, which will increase the number of likes you get. Oh yeah, those likes are a form of currency. You will get paid in likes. You can spend this incredible currency buying vehicles and equipment(or be like me and spend all your likes on energy drinks because they will make you run like Flash.)

All around the map, you will encounter some mean people with long swords. They have only one purpose, not to kill you, but to make you fall and stay down. You can fall ( in extreme situations) and lose all your cargo, which means you will need to pick them up again. If you are lucky enough, you will get send into space, just like I did when I first played the game.

The game is simple, deliver your goods and avoid being hit. It’s definitely not the best game out there, but if you want a good laugh and some simple relaxation, the Walking Simulator is the perfect fit. You can download the game for free from Steam.

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