Valve CEO Says the Xbox Series X is Better Than PS5 on Live TV

Gabe Newell gives his opinion, but he has no real relevance to either console

This isn’t the first time that we’ve visited the question of whether the Xbox Series X is better than the PlayStation 5 or vice versa. Industry insiders seem to claim that the PS5 is better, and an Epic Game’s boss has even said that the PS5’s SSD is “way ahead” of high-end PCs. At the same time, the Series X has had it’s own early fan club, the latest of which is Valve President and CEO, Gabe Newell.

Newell has been stationed in New Zealand for a little while now, and has recently been doing a media tour to thank New Zealanders for letting him hunker down amid the coronavirus pandemic. His most recent stop was a current affairs show known as The Project where the hosts asked him a number of gaming related questions, the most prominent of which was which new console you should buy this holiday season and which is better.

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When Newell was asked which console is better, he didn’t waste anytime saying “oh, the Xbox” but stopped short of providing any real explanation as to why he feels that way. When asked to elaborate, his response was just as short, “uh, because it is.” That doesn’t really instill a lot of confidence into his thoughts on the matter but, at the same time, his opinion is rather limited. After all, Valve is a PC Gaming company and has, quite literally, nothing to do with console gaming. He alluding to that himself, saying,

“I don’t have a stake in that race. Obviously, we do most of our development on personal computers, but of the two I would definitely go with an Xbox.”

With that, we have to note that Newell is a respected figure in the world of PC gaming, but that yields little as to his thoughts on gaming consoles. Perhaps he’s an avid console player at home and favors the Xbox, but there are a lot of other people who are actually working on next-gen PS5 and Xbox games that seem to have a different opinion, so take his words as you will.

As is usually the case, there will almost always be a bias toward one system or another, because that’s the nature of gaming. In the end, the Series X does look good on paper in most aspects, but what we’ll learn when these consoles launch is a completely different story.  I have a feeling that both consoles are going to offer up something unique outside of console exclusive games and something tells me more and more people are going to look to own both consoles sometime down the road.


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