Valorant’s System Requirements Aren’t Bad At All

We’ve got to see a wonderful yet toxic, MOBA community, then Teamfight tactics. The next game coming is a 5v5 shooter that goes by the name Valorant. We’re talking about an Overwatch-style game with special weapons, mostly like in Overwatch. After a brief reveal, we’ve learned a few things, including that Valorant’s characters will have a similar design as those from League of Legends characters, albeit with a more human-like look to them.

  • Phoenix is a “rusher” perfect for asserting dominance in every fight
  • Jet is not very powerful on the first line but will be a great assassin, especially when the target is isolated.
  • Viper will focus on area damage, punishing enemies that stay together.
  • Sova will be the scout of the team, a powerful tracker that will find you even in the best hiding spot.
  • Chyper is a master of deceiving, tricking enemies, and luring them into traps.
  • Brimstone will mostly stay hidden and attack from his orbital weapons
  • Sage will be the savior of many. As a medic, he will be present in every team composition for sure.
  • Omen will rather teleport than walk, don’t worry, you won’t get to see him for a long time, he will blind you with his abilities.

Valorant System Requirements for Best Quality

30 Frames Per Second60 Frames Per Second140+ Frames Per Second
OSWindows 7/8/10Windows 7/8/10Windows 7/8/10
CPUIntel i3-370MIntel i3-370MIntel Core I5-4460
GPUIntel HD 3000 (1 GB VRAM)Intel HD 3000(1 GB VRAM)Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti
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