Valentine’s Day will run late in Apex Legends battlefield

Apex Legends’ Valentine’s Day Event may have been delayed, but it’s alive and well now. The famous lovers day event isn’t a perfect fit for a lot of video games, but, with a little makeup, even a battle royale like Apex Legends can make it work. Since it is all about love, we’ll have the choice to play duos again, making it more challenging to get that champion title.

Besides the duo matchmaking, players that log in during the event will be rewarded with a 2020’s Valentine badge. There will also be two new weapon charms, Nessie and Pathfinder, available to purchase. This wouldn’t be an Apex event without the double exp boost “Double up”. You will be able to get up to 2000xp every day just for playing with your duo partner.

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Speaking about events, last year’s rewards will also be available to buy in-store at a lower price than usual. Here we’re talking about the heart skin for the longbow DMR and the beloved banner “Love of the game”. The event was supposed to start on February 11th and last until February 18th, but I assume that the delay will increase it’s duration, at least one day to recover the lost exp.

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