Ubisoft Wasn’t Teasing a New Splinter Cell Game, Unfortunately

It sure got everyone excited though, didn’t it?

It has been more than six years since Ubisoft has released a new entry to the Splinter Cell series of games. Every now and then, a teaser of some sort comes along, but we’re left waiting. Last summer Ubisoft’s creative director, Julian Gerighty, said very clearly that he was working on a new Splinter Cell. Ubisoft leaped in shortly later and said it was just a joke – and, we’ve yet to hear anything else about it. Now, Ubisoft Spain has posted a very Splinter Cell image:

Loosely translated, that caption says “You need to understand the darkness in order to face it.” With the desire for a new Splinter Cell game eating away at fans of the series, this was immediately taken to heart as a teaser than a new Splinter Cell game was coming, despite the fact that nothing else has come out of Ubisoft via social media, blog, or any other means. In fact, what most people didn’t realize is that the image wasn’t a teaser at all – it was actually an image from the Ghost Recon Wildlands – Splinter Cell crossover event from a while back.

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So, either someone at Ubisoft Spain gets off on teasing the hell out of fans or there’s probably something else going on – something that isn’t a new Splinter Cell game.

Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell Teaser Could Hint at Another Ghost Recon – Splinter Cell Crossover

Considering that “teaser” image was from an old Wildlands – Splinter Cell crossover, it’s quite possible that there could be a new crossover in the works. Perhaps a Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Splinter Cell Crossover? It would at least help fans know that Ubisoft still hasn’t forgotten about the Splinter Cell franchise altogether, but it’s definitely not what any of us want.

Ubisoft Needs Splinter Cell Right Now

It’s no secret that Ubisoft is in deep water and doesn’t know how to swim. We’re itching for a new Splinter Cell game, but the company has recently had to cut back drastically. Since Ghost Recon Breakpoint and The Division 2 performed so poorly, Ubisoft has had to delay Watch Dogs Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, and Gods and Monsters until at least sometime in the middle of 2020. So, there’s a good chance that Ubisoft could be planning that aforementioned Breakpoint-Splinter Cell Crossoverin hopes of making up some lost ground.

A New Splinter Cell is Probably Years Away

It has already been six years, and I know you’re begging Ubisoft for a new Splinter Cell, but I’m sorry to tell you that a new Splinter Cell probably won’t happen until at least 2021. With Watch Dogs Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, and Gods and Monsters already delayed well into next year (despite the fact that at least Watch Dogs was about ready to launch) it’s a good chance we won’t see a new Splinter Cell for at least another year or two, and that’s only if the new Rainbow Six, Watch Dogs, and Gods and Monsters actually perform as good or better than expected.

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