Two New, Powerful Beasts Are Coming to Moster Hunter World

In case you got bored with the current monsters, or you’re simply looking for something new, more challenging, and more difficult, well say no more as March will grant you these wishes. Your wishes come in the form of the Raging Brachydios and the Furious Rajang – two incredible and beautiful beast. But don’t get too comfortable; they’re dangerous.

Let’s start with the big, yellow monkey with horns. His abilities are based on electricity and heavy strikes. Apart from the one we already got in the past, which gets enraged and changes colors, making it a little more dangerous, this one will be angry from the beginning and perhaps even more dangerous. So try your best to avoid any hits that may cause a quick death.

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The Raging Brachydios is a dragon that can create explosions can also spit lava in any and all directions. And that’s now the worst part, as now — while dodging his explosive charges — you have to keep an eye open on the lava, which will fill his cave, and without a good escape or perhaps a high ground, will kill you in no time. You will be able to fight them next month (March 2020) if you’re a console player, but if you’re playing on PC, you will need to wait until April.

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