Truck Driver Hits The Open Road With a New Launch Trailer

With Truck Driver’s set to launch soon, a new trailer has been released that shows off a new set of characters that will provide many missions. In some of those missions, we will even have to “break the law” by delivering…. bananas?

As it was presented to us, you will start your truck driver’s career by using your dad’s truck. Progressing further in the game will bring you money and respect from the other characters. The new characters will each have their unique style, their problems, and secrets.

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“David” is presented to us in a pretty bad situation, as he got “hacked” and lost his money and asks you to get rid of what it seems like toxic waste. “Mary” seems to like the “get rich quick” schemes, as she offers you opportunities to make “some quick cash” – apparently “bananas” are very expensive nowadays. “Charlie” will be responsible for the sea business, and he is in need of somebody to transport his boats. We don’t know why or where we must take them, but as long as we get paid, it is not out business, right? Finally, “Sven”, a woodcutter who is too busy to do some jobs, so he wants to farm them out you.

These characters’ workplaces will evolve as we progress in the game, unlocking more missions even better monetary gain. You can always buy other trucks, as long as you have the cash for them, and you can customize your trucks using one of the many paint jobs available in the game at the moment. Even better than paint jobs you can also customize your exhausts and fenders.

Truck Driver is an open-world game where you can drive where you want when you want, but if you desire for much “advanced” surroundings, then help your local business grow and prosper. As the game progresses you will see how much you’ve helped them, the docs will be filled with boats, metal containers, and lots of other materials ready to be picked up.

Truck Driver will be available on Xbox One and PS4 starting 19th September. The PC version of the game will be available starting November 11th.

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