Total War: Three Kingdoms – A World Betrayed DLC Will Make the Game More Intriguing.

If you were hoping for a more challenging way to play Total War: Three Kingdoms, then the A World Betrayed DLC will be right up your alley. The new DLC will add more factions and more accurate bits of history. This DLC will introduce us to Lu Bu’s betrayal and the rise of Sun Ce to go with a lot of other exact historical events. Both Lu Bu and Sun Ce will get to lead their newfound factions. We will get the change to change the history and create our empire, either with diplomatic measures or using an iron fist. A World Betrayed is set a short time after the fall of the Han Empire, and besides the empire, there are also several significant players dead.

The update will bring new missions, a lot of unique events, and, as you can already guessed, new positions, with different difficulties.

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The armies will receive new features, and Yan Baihu will be a gift warlord for everyone. New buildings and units will also join the game. In the military, we get new groups like:

  • Tiger Guard
  • Flying Riders
  • Handmaid Guard

If you’re sad about some of the dead characters, maybe some of the new incoming ones will do you better. Unfortunately, we will found more about them in the next patch notes. We can expect the best from the A World Betrayed DLC, an update that will focus on a more concentrated timeline and on small conflicts that will change the future of the kingdom. We need that since the Mandate from Heaven was focusing on significant disputes. A World Betrayed is promised to be available starting March 19th at the price of $8.99 on Steam.

Total War: Three Kingdoms – A World Betrayed Screenshot Gallery

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