Tormented Souls Is the Perfect Blend Between Silent Hill and Resident Evil

Tormented Souls Has a Late-2000s Horror Vibe To It, and It’s Awesome

Remember back in the late 2000s when the PlayStation 2 had a plethora of horror games? We didn’t realize it then, but we were very lucky. Sure, there are a few good horror games these days, and Capcom has done right by remastering the old Resident Evil games, but we’re still waiting for a new Silent Hill game. In all honesty, things will probably never be the same. The good news is that you will soon get some old-school thrills, thanks to a game call Tormented Souls.

Tormented Souls is being developed by Dual Effect and Abstract Digital, and will be published by PQube Limited. It looks like a weird blend between the first Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Clock Tower. In fact, these games are what developers look to for inspiration. The game is set in an old mansion turned hospital (hello Resident Evil) and you’ll play as Caroline Walker, a woman that is investigating the disappearance of twin girls in a town known as Winterlake (hello Silent Hill.) The games official description on Steam reads as follows:

“Survival Horror inspired by the original Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark series. With a fresh twist on the fixed perspective adventure, Tormented Souls modernises for a new generation – as Caroline Walker investigates the mysterious disappearance of twin girls in a terrifying mansion.”

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The whole story starts with Caroline “waking up in the dead of the night, naked in a bathtub  and hooked up to some decrepit medial equipment.” As you can see from the various screenshots here, the game has a very retro, fixed-camera vibe to it. To be honest, I’m loving the look of it. The game is about survival and horror, but it also has the puzzle and exploration twist to it as well.

“You’ll need much more than a steady aim and sharp reflexes to make it out alive. Search the environment for anything you can use to your advantage. Cleverly combine items to solve puzzles and use every resource available to explore the secrets of the Mansion and its grounds.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly looking forward to putting in some controller time for this game. There’s no set release date, but the plan is for it to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC sometime in 2021. Check out the official page on steam and Wishlist it to keep on an on when it becomes available.

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