Today’s Patch for Anthem Addresses Drop Rates and Elysian Caches

Anthem players have noticed that they are getting a lot of loot for Javelins that they just aren’t using, a problem that was caused by a bug that is finally being addressed today. Apparently, getting components for Javelins that you’re not using should be a rare occurrence and not something that happens on a regular. Today’s patch will greatly reduce your chances of this occurring, and it’ll also make loot earned from an Elysian Cache show up as soon as the stronghold finishes.

Jesse Anderson, Anthem’s Global Community Manager too to Twitter, announcing the fix for today, saying “It should be very rare now, if you’re playing Storm you should almost always get Storm components or Universal components.”

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Of course, this news comes on the heels of other Anthem-based news including the fact that the game underwent a name change just prior to its reveal at E3 in 2017. It has also been said that Dragon Age 4 development was rebooted to help fix Anthem and, while that news was criticized by BioWare, studio boss, Casey Hudson, actually admitted to the fact that there was an internal memo reflecting that the company’s problems are real.

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