Time Travel During the World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary Event

World of Warcraft’s 15th anniversary event will give you the chance to earn two new mounts and a chance to travel back in time and do some raids. As you may already know, World of Warcraft is officially 15 years old, with more and more players joining the community every day. If you’re a WoW veteran, then this is your chance to relive the good old days.

This event is called Memories of Azeroth, and it will be available for a limited time. If you don’t know how to join a raid, here’s how you can start raids:

  1. Log in and find the Raid Finder
  2. Choose a raid and complete it
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If you really want to claim all the rewards, hurry up and complete all the raids to obtain the “ Obsidian Worldbreaker”.

To claim the mounts, you must enter, maybe for the first time, the Alterac Valley and complete the Alterac Valley of Olde to claim:

  • The Stormpike Battle Ram
  • Frostwolf Snarler

If you’re busy or simply not interested in these, you may also receive a pet just by logging in while the event is on. The Lil’ Nefarian battle pet to be more specific.

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