They Say Perfect Dark Reboot, We Say Golden Eye 007 Remaster

Perfect Dark was good and all, but Golden Eye 007 basically set the standard for realism in first-person shooters

Speculation about a Perfect Dark reboot has come to life, but the story of how the internet got there is a confusing one, so you’ll have to stick to my heals for a minute as I try to explain this one. Long story short, a Twitter user shared the link of a former employee of The Initiative, a game studio that is related to Microsoft who, not that long ago, bought Rare and its entire library of games. That linked in profile was for Christopher NG, a former employee of The Initiative that left the studio earlier this year.

Still with me? Good.

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Chistopher Ng was a technical designer at The Initiative, and he supposedly “designed and scripted various weapons, gadgets, and a camera surveillance system for an unannounced project.” He was also responsible for “scripting and creating various world interactables and gameplay objects, such as doors, destructibles, hazards, triggers, and much more” in Unreal Engine 4.

Those descriptions sound a lot like those found in various spy games, Perfect Dark included. For this reason alone, a lot of ResetEra users are ranting and raving about The Initiative working on a Perfect Dark reboot. This isn’t the only reason that players are considering a Perfect Dark reboot. The Studio Head, Darrell Gallagher, was the head of development for several Call of Duty games and the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot. The Senior Producer at The Initiative, Johal Gow, worked at Treyarch on Black ops III and Black Ops 4 while Gameplay Engineer, Jon Lew, did some work on Call of Duty: WWII at Sledgehammer Games.

Pair these key players with loads of FPS experience with the fact that The Initiative has been, quite literally, building a dream team of developers poached from studios like Naughty Dog and Rockstar, and the likelihood that an FPS game is in development couldn’t clearer. However, while everyone else seems to think that The Initiative would reboot Perfect Dark, I’m thinking there’s something more going on. After all, why would you reboot Rare’s second-most popular FPS when the game that rewrote the book for first-person shooters, Golden Eye 007, has been in the eyes of gamers for two decades now?

That’s where I stand today. Rare, now owned by Microsoft, previously said it preferred to make new games as opposed to visiting old games, so games like Perfect Dark and Goldeneye 007 are easily up for grabs. In my mind, however, Goldeneye 007 is a much better candidate. When it launched, it changed the world’s opinion of what a FPS can be. Before it came along, most FPS games were of the unrealistic Doom and Duke Nukem variety. Golden eye was the game that signaled the transition to more realistic games with atmospheric single-player campaigns, stealth gameplay, and multiplayer deathmatch. Most people will tell you that it was one of the greatest games of all time, and while Perfect Dark (released three years later) is considered a spiritual successor to GoldenEye, it just didn’t cut the mustard. GoldenEye was reimagined back in 2010, but it was nowhere near the same. Now is the time for the game to be remade the right way, and I hold strong hope that this is what we’ll see coming out of The Initiative in the next year or two.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Perfect Dark – it was a great game in its own right – but all those descriptions above match GoldenEye just as well and after all, we’re talking about James Bond here. A GoldenEye 007 remaster, as long as it stayed true to the original, is almost guaranteed to be a success.  

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