There Will Be No Microtransactions or In-Game Store in Doom Eternal

You’ll still be able to buy cosmetics, but they’ll come courtesy of XP not real currency

In a world where game developers try to milk us for everything they can get, ID software is taking the highroad with Doom Eternal by avoiding microtransactions and in-game stores. So, in other words, once you buy the game, that’s it – you won’t be asked to pony up extra dough for different add-ons or goodies.

This news comes directly from Creative Director, Hugo Martin, via Facebook, where he confirmed that to unlock skins, but you’ll use XP. That’s the only resource you can use and it’s all purely aesthetic – these cosmetics will have no bearing on your Doom Slayer’s skill.

Eternal is a $60 game, not a free-to-play game or a mobile game—we are giving u [sic] a complete experience with no store just like you’d expect.

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Of course, Eternal’s predecessor, Doom 2016, followed the same routine, but it’s almost become common place for new games to milk us, so we were kind of expecting it with Eternal as well. The only thing up in the air at this point is whether or not we’ll have to pay for future DLCs. With Doom 2016, ID did sell some multiplayer DLC that was released for free a year later, ultimately splitting off the Doom community during that period of time. The same thing could happen this time around as well, but we’re hoping otherwise.

Doom Eternal launches on March 20th, so check back soon for updates – we’re sure there’s plenty more coming down the line. Until then, check out what we learned about the length of Doom Eternal’s campaign or how the difficulty mechanics have been changed to make the game better.

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