There Are Some Surprise Nintendo Switch Games Coming

Apparently, Nintendo has unannounced games scheduled to release in the coming months

Despite the fact that the Nintendo Switch is selling like crazy amid lockdown, and the recent rumors that Nintendo could release remastered version of its older Super Mario games, the fact of the matter is that the list of announced games is running pretty thin. In fact, outside of games like Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition that’s coming later this month and Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics that should launch in June, nothing else even has an official release date. Be that as it may, there’s apparently more games coming that we don’t know about.

Of course, Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 and Metroid Prime 4 are still coming, but they are still at least a year out. There are other titles, though, that we’ve learned could materialize out of nowhere. The work comes from none other than Nintendo President, Suntaro Furukawa, during an investor Q&A call earlier this week. During that call, Furukawa was adamant that the company has “games that are scheduled to release during this period other than what’s been announced.”

“For our forecast, we have games that are scheduled to release during this period other than what’s been announced. However, many workers at Nintendo and our partners are working from home during this time. Considering the working environments between home and office are quite different, it could become increasingly difficult to release our games in line with our current schedule if the situation is prolonged. As things currently stand, we’re forecasting as if we’ll be able to release our games according to schedule.”

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The important takeaway from that quote above, though, is that things could still change. Game releases for at least the rest of this year are largely dependent on how the world recovers or remains stagnant from the COVID-19 outbreak.  Regardless of what happens with unannounced games, Nintendo is still planning a number of DLC and updates. In June, a DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will add a new ARMS fighter while Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will see the Isle of Armor DLC arrive. An update for the popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons will also happen sometime this summer, so there’s still a lot coming.

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