The Xbox Series X’s Velocity Architecture Will Push Open-World Games to the Next Level

CBE Software’s Jan Kavan as explained why Xbox’s Velocity Architecture is so important to open world games.

We learned about the Xbox Sereis X’s hardware long before we knew anything about the PS5, and ever since then, Microsoft has been talking up its hardware likes it’s the best thing since the invention of toilet paper. With the SSD and all the other new hardware all working together, the Xbox Series X – much like the PlayStation 5 – has some serious potential to do some really impressive things for gaming. One big thing that makes the Series X stand out is its Velocity Architecture, which basically combines streaming and decompression, among other things, to drastically lower the time it takes to get assets from storage to the screen.

This has been a common discussion point among game developers recently, and now CBE Softwares’ Jan Kavan has expressed just what Velocity Architecture will mean for games going forward in an interview with GamingBolt.

“This will greatly help large games – especially open world – because streaming is always an issue to deal with. It’s not only about reading from SSD, but also providing the assets for the game. So yes, having hardware-level decompression and asset preprocessing might bring in a very interesting point for the overall smoothness.”

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However, with this in mind, you shouldn’t expect to see the best results right way. It will take, quite literally, years before next-gen technology – in the Series X or PlayStation 5 – can push games to their full potential. Between the need to keep games backward compatible with current-gen systems and the extra strain on development, we could, possibly, start seeing next-gen consoles reach their full potential in 2023 at the earliest.

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