The Surge 2’s Latest Trailer is Pretty Confusing

The Surge 2 is best described by saying that it involves fighting, cutting off body parts, and customizing your character from a large variety of weapons and lots of upgrades available from your dead opponents. Every “finishing move” can be watched closely, as it seems every one of them will be shown in slow-motion. All of those being covered in a piece of calm and sweet music that has no connection with the action that takes place.

The in-game combat system was represented in the best manner in trailer, leaving no doubt that the game itself will be great. The game has lots of exciting locations that are perfectly designed and and feature high-quality textures and many items to customize your character’s armor. Each of the different weapons have their characteristic moves too.

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The Surge 2 is very similar to the Dark Souls, where you basically do the same- slash through enemies until no-one stands, but with more realistic executions that involve a lot of blood.

The Surge 2 is a role-playing, third-person action game, coming in September 2019 that continues “The Surge” series. You can customize your character from a large “wardrobe” of armors and many weapons which can be used to execute enemies in many spectacular ways in the open world of “Jericho city.” You will able to join the amazing world of Surge 2 starting 24th September on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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