The Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville gameplay is crazy

The Plants and the Zombies changed their 2D battlefield for a brand new 3D world. New Zombies and Plants are prepared to battle on new locations and, after a closer look at the world map, it looks like we’ll have to explore 6 major locations: Dave Manor, Giddy Park, Weirding Woods, Town Center, Mount Steep, and Zomboss HQ.

Dave Manor and Zomboss HQ will be “starting areas” depending on what you choose – Dave Manor for Plants and Zomboss HQ for zombies.

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There are places that will help you connect with friends and search for allies. As the zones are presented to us, we can see a main “town hall” where all the plants gather for unknown reasons. There are target-practice rooms and a room filled with random stuff: boats, fans, way too many pipes, and a bouncy floor? Damn, those plants know how to live!

New heroes will be added on both teams too. First, let’s talk about “Oak and acorn.” Big and serious, this log uses explosive charges from its main weapons. Being helped by its little friend, safely hiding in his, what can only be described as his hat or hairstyle…eh.. who knows?

You can combine with your friends to create a “space station” too. This can make for a powerful combination, but if the station is destroyed, all of you go down.And, to make things even better, split-screen co-op will be available in every mode.

“Snap Dragon”, another new character presented, launches powerful fireballs which no fireman can stop. Then we have “Nightcap,” a mushroom ninja, or a ninja mushroom? Its main objective will be to infiltrate behind enemy lines and clear them out with its powerful abilities.

Enough about Plants. let’s see what Zomboss HQ has to offer. The new “80′ Action hero” focuses on purple energy arrows and lots and lots of rockets. Electric Slide, is the new dancer that will “shock” it’s competition on the battlefield. Electric attacks and AOE abilities will be her main occupation.

The PVP matches will take place in 12 different maps. The “Thunderdome” will host 1v1 teams battles or go to much more intense battles with 24 players. It’s not always about battles, though. If you get bored you will have plenty of other things to do. You can explore as much as you can, and you don’t have to worry about long trips, as Plants vs. zombies: Battle for Neighborville offers trains, submarines, and “Fornite’s rocket buss”. The game also focuses on quests, collectible items, and a lot of other minigames and fun activities.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborvile Wallpaper Gallery

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