The Outlast Trials Brings 4 Player Co-Op Into the Series

There is no suitable word for the horrors that Outlast has presented us. For a single-player horror game, it certainly earned its merits. There are more scary moments in one outlast game than ten actual horror movies. Red Barrels’ is now taking things one step further by introducing four-player co-op with The Outlast Trials.

“Set in the era of the Cold War, The Outlast Trials will allow players to face the horrors that await by themselves or with fellow test subjects. The Outlast Trials is still in production, and as our co-founder David Chateauneuf puts it ‘Now we’ve done our proof of concept, it is time focus on content creation, variety… and gore’.

Let’s clarify one thing, this co-op won’t be a sequel to the previous games, so we can probably expect another single-player Outlast part 3. In this new horror game, however, you’ll play as an “experiment” in the Cold War, alongside other players that have or want to escape. There is nothing more – we don’t even know how much of a role the co-op gameplay style will affect the outcome of the story.

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It is safe to assume that different obstacles and objectives will require cooperation to suceed, but until we hear more from the developers, you should probably take that with a grain of salt. The game is set on the Cold War period, so there are no cameras or phones, and very limited technology. Either way, the game should be very interesting.

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