The Outer Worlds is Finally Landing on Nintendo Switch This March

You better prepare for a big download, though

If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the few months, The Outer Worlds is an open-world role-playing action game that developed by Obsidian Entertainment. It launched on PS4, Xbox One, and PC back in October and has won over a lot of players despite having a shorter storyline. The storyline of the game is excellent, and even as a longer game, there are enough characters, quests, and places to explore that you won’t get bored. The only downside was that you couldn’t get it on Nintendo Switch, but that will change come March 6, 2020.

The game will be available via brick and motor locations as well as Nintendo’s EShop, however, you probably shouldn’t even bother going to the store. The game itself is so large that it can’t be backed onto a Switch cartridge, so even if you do buy the retail version, all you’ll get is a download code. There’s no word on how large the download will be, but don’t expect it to be very small – it is a massive open-world game.  Buying the game in the real world of via the Nintendo EShop will set you back a cool $60, but if you haven’t played it yet, don’t fret, we promise it will be worth it.

The Outer Worlds Screen Shots

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