Sony has already given us hints as to what the PlayStation 5 will offer, but we’ve yet to hear much of anything from Microsoft regarding the Xbox One. Of course, we’re pretty sure that it won’t have a disc drive when you consider the fact that Microsoft just launched the all-digital Xbox One S, but outside of that, there’s not a lot that we actually know. However, now that Sony has gone on record, word has it that Microsoft already has the PlayStation 4 beat – much like the Xbox One X beats out the PlayStation 4 Pro in terms of power. Word comes by way of gaming journalist Ainsley Bowden who claims that “multiple insiders” have confirmed that the next-gen Xbox, aka “Anaconda,” will be more advanced.

Of course, he also went on to point out the obvious, which is the fact that “next year is going to be AMAZING for fans of both.” Those are also strong words for a man with inside connections as we’ve yet to learn of official launch dates for either the next-gen Xbox of the next-gen PlayStation, so take all of this with a grain of salt. We do know that both consoles will support 8K and that both consoles should offer larger hard drives than ever before thanks to the increase in digital game purchases. If Microsoft truly does go all-digital or discless, then it really needs to improve its servers because let’s be honest – downloading a game, even with an awesome internet connection, takes forever on the Xbox One. One can only imagine that next-gen games will even be larger, so this is an absolute must. Furthermore, Sony has also seen an uptick in digital purchases so the company absolutely must revamp the PlayStation store as that system is just hideous.

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