The Next Battlefield Won’t Be a Remaster But Takes Inspiration From Battlefield 3

An industry insider says Battlefield 6 will be inspired by the “setting and direction” of Battlefield 3

In response to a Twitter user reminiscing about how great Battlefield 3 was, Industry Insider, Tom Henderson, replied with the phrase “you’ll be a happy bunny next year then.” This was taken by many that the next Battlefield game – due in 2021 – would be a remaster of Battlefield 3. As it turns out, however, that isn’t the case at all.

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As it turns out, EA and Dice aren’t working on a Battlefield remaster – at least not right now anyway. As you can see from the tweet on the right above, Henderson has elaborated a little more, and flat out squashed any hopes of a remaster. But, it’s not all bad as Battlefield 6 will feature a similar “setting and direction” of that in Battlefield 3.

What that likely means is that Battlefield 6 will take place in present day, potentially addressing current issues in the world today. As a reminder, BF3 focused on a Wold War 3-style conflict between Russia and the United States, a story that was continued in Battlefield 4 before DICE moved into the 20th century theatre for Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5.

For now, we don’t know a lot more about Battlefield 6. Electronic Arts has confirmed that it will launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X within the next two years, but with it being scheduled to launch in 2021, we’re guessing it’ll land on current-gen consoles first with next-gen compatibility (and graphics) coming a year or so later. The big takeaway here is that the next Battlefield will take after one of the greatest in the series, and that’s a very big deal.

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