The New Batman Game Will Be Called Arkham Legacy

You’ll apparently get to play as the whole Batman Family

We’re sure you saw the teasers last month for the new Batman game, but so far we’ve had no idea about the name or just what the game will be like. Now, Twitter user @New_WabiSabi – the person behind a bunch of other accurate leaks and predicitons – claims the new Batman game will be called “Batman: Arkham Legacy.” Even better yet, it looks like we’ll be able to play as the whole family.

Now, keep in mind that this should be taken with a grain of salt. At the same time, however, WabiSabi has been right many times before and Nintendo even threatened him (or her?) with legal action for other leaks. On that note, these aren’t exactly in-depth details so it’s really hard to say. The whole family bit does make a lot of sense, though. Think about it; you’ll havea. Whole bunch of heroes, with different abilities, and costumes, among other things. It could really add a new spin to the whole Batman series of games.

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Since the last teasers (posted below) WB Games Montreal has remained completely silent. After they were posted on Twitter, we were all under the impression that the game would be revaled within days, and here we are more than a month later with no new Batman game. When we’ll see the game remains a mystery, but with leaks starting to come our way, the reveal may be right around the corner.  

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