The Livonia DLC is Now Live in DayZ, and Now There Are Bears

Just when you think DayZ can’t get more difficult outside of the large variety of different players kill you. These is basically the normal way you can die in DayZ, well that and: zombies, sickness, starve to death, get injured, or die from fall damage, of course. Now, however, we get to avoid bears. Like there aren’t already so many dangerous things to fight, now we get bears – and they will maul you.

First paid DLC is available to buy for only 14$ on Steam. Besides the outrageous new beast, the action takes place on a new map, Livonia – a small area of approximately 160 square km. It is smaller than the one we’re used to(Chernarus), but a smaller map means more interactions with other players, zombies, and bears, so things should definitely get more interesting.

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There is nothing exclusive to say about the map, really. It is standard with some buildings here and there. Even so, it may prove a true challenge for players who love action and close calls. The chances of survival alone on a map like this are small. I mean, you could always hide in the forests, they’re safe. Oh wait, they added bears. I guess the developers wants to punish those who avoid confrontation by hiding.

This new map literally asks for combat situations and for different “teams” to appear and take control over different regions.

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