The Latest Character to Joint the Valorant Lineup is Cypher

Cypher is the chosen Valorant character to receive a showcase this week and, in just 30 seconds, we can say that it will be powerful. The already showcased characters presented great AOE potential and great “ team-fights” tactics, but Cypher will be able to reveal enemies. At the moment, we don’t know if all your team will be able to see them, or only you, but still, it’s a pretty useful feature.

The whole reveal the enemies feature is caused by one of his abilities, which allows you to place  “detectors.” I assume that they will trigger when an enemy passes them. They can also be used as “surveillance cameras,” allowing players to verify different zones, depending on how you placed them. Let’s say you put it on the ground. You won’t be able to see more than the sky. Placing it on a wall or any critical points, however, will allow you to look after any intruders and attack or run, depending on the situation.

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This character has a lot of potential, especially when the enemies are trying to outmaneuver you by flanks or any other surprise attacks. Cypher will fit best players who want to live the “James Bond “ experience, spying on enemies, and then delivering a precise shot.

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