The Latest Batch of Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshots Explain Extreme PC Requirements

The new screenshots are as breathtaking as they are telling

It was just earlier this month that we revealed the somewhat extreme PC hardware requirements that you’ll need if you want to play Microsoft Flight Simulator at its full potential. Now, a new batch of screenshots released by Microsoft paint a clear picture of just why you need a high-end machine to play the game properly – the sheer detail and depth of the game is breathtaking to say the least.

The most interesting part about these screenshots is that Ray Tracing is not active as the game currently doesn’t support it, but there are some pretty cool reflection effects. We finally get a closer look at the downright amazing environments and a fresh look at some of the plans in the game.

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As of now, the game is still in the Alpha testing phase, and that’s where these screenshots are coming from. Every week Microsoft takes some of the testers screenshots and releases them for us to see. So, with that said, here are the screenshots, with a special thanks to alpha testers Kudos to SimTom112, RentalCanoe6839, OperatorLand468, TheFlightSimGuy, Player058611765, CaptainOver57, SuddeN2018, tomlaut1980, FlakeyHawk4000, and SoapyDiamond333.

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