The Last of Us 2 Is the Largest PS4 Exclusive to Date

You’re going to need at least 100GB, so you better clear some space

Earlier this week, we found out that The Last of Us 2 would be released on June 19, just three weeks after its most recent scheduled release date. Now, it’s arrived back on the PSN store after being removed, and with it came confirmation that it’s the largest PS4 exclusive to date, tipping the storage scale at 100GB or more. This is also confirmed on the official PlayStation website that states “100GB minimum,” so take that as you will.

On top of this, we’ve found out that those receiving a physical copy of the game will get two discs. We assume that the first disc is an install disc and the second is a play disc, but that has yet to be confirmed. As far as the size of the game goes, it’s not the largest game out there, as some newer games have come closer to 150GB. However, for the sake of comparison, Final Fantasy 7 Remake required just over 90GB at launch as did Red Dead Redemption 2 when I hit consoles back in 2018.

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Fortunately we were right when we said that The Last of Us 2 would  sooner than expected, and the three-week delay wasn’t that bad considering it was delayed indefinitely just a few weeks ago. If you don’t want to wait for the game to come out, slide on over to our coverage on the most recent leak that exposed major story spoilers to find out how to check out what’s coming.

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