The Division 2 Could Be Living on Borrowed Time…Sort Of

Ubisoft has no interest in next-gen game consoles

After a fairly rough launch, Ubisoft is doing everything it can to entice players to come back to The Division 2. Its price has downright plummeted in recent weeks, and the new expansion is massive, but how much further Ubisoft is willing to go seems to be set in stone. The company will continue to improve on the game, but it has no plans to port it over to the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5.

In an interview with The Daily Star, Yannick Banchereau – the Associate Creative Director of The Division 2 – said that “the team is not looking at porting it to new platforms.”

“What I can tell you is that we are not making a specific version for those for those consoles, we are very much focused on just working on what we have now and making that as good as possible.”

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So what does this mean for The Division 2 in the long term? Well, it may live on, but it may not be playable on next-gen consoles. Xbox Series X, will support backward compatibility and while Sony has yet to confirm the same, it wouldn’t make sense for the PS5 to not support PS4 games either. However, it boils down to whether or not The Division 2 actually falls onto the supported games list. Xbox’s list is huge, but that still doesn’t guarantee that The Division 2 will be on it.

So, for now, there’s at least some possibility that you’ll only be able to play The Division 2 on older consoles or the PC. Unless Ubisoft decides to pedal back and do the game justice by moving it to next-gen systems, anyway.

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