The Detonation Bug in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Has Finally Been Fixed

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s about time.

Released eight years ago, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is on of the longer-running games on the market thanks to continuous work and regular updates. A new patch just went live and with it comes a fix for the glitch that stopped damage from counting during detonations along with some map tweaks to help tidy things up a bit.

Of all the maps, Mirage sees the most changes. The map has shifted a bit to open up new tactical locations – something that means you’ll likely find a few new areas and surprises if you really know the map. Here’s a full breakdown of the patch notes:

CS:GO Patch Notes for 1/29/2020

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– Cache:
— Various visibility improvements
— Optimizations
— Various minor bug fixes
— Updated radar

– Studio:
— Fixed players not taking damage from bomb detonation
— Clipping improvements
— Improved visuals of CT / T streets
— Various minor bug fixes

– Train:
— Opened up skybox over building separating Ivy/A site
— Various visibility improvements
— Various minor bug fixes

– Dust2:
— Opened up skybox from B halls towards site

– Mirage:
— Added AWP wallbang spot from palace to scaffolding close corner, A site
— Added bench in mid allowing jump up to window boost spot/peek towards cat
— Widened T entrance to mid
— Lowered trim around B site balcony
— Blocked a jump-peek from middle of B site towards cat

Miscellaneous Tweaks

– Increased the size of HLTV broadcast server info message, controlled by a new setting “tv_broadcast_server_info_message_size_kb”.
– Added a setting spec_xray_dropped_defusers to show xray outlines on dropped defuse kits.
– Added a setting spec_xray_dropped_unoccluded to always xray dropped C4 and defuse kits.
– Game state integration now allows to control precision of reported floating point values using an additional configuration section:

“precision_time” “1”
“precision_position” “2”
“precision_vector” “2”

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