The Best Wow Classic Addons And How to Install Them

Author: Robert Moore


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Published On: August 28, 2020

World of Warcraft has been around for a long time, and it was a real treat when Blizzard released WoW Classic. It wasn’t until loading up World of Warcraft Classic that I realized how much the game has evolved, and there’s plenty to be said about going back to a vanilla user interface after all these years. And, that’s where Wow Classic addons come into play. In this guide, we’re going to discuss how to install add-ons on PC and Mac and go over the best Classic WoW addons available for you today.

How To Install Wow Classic Addons

Installing Wow Classic Addons on PC

  1. Once you’ve downloaded your chosen addon (it’ll come as a .zip file), navigate to wherever you downloaded it. By default it should be in your Downloads directory unless you chose a different location.
  2. Open the .zip file and press the “extract all files” button at the top of the window near the center.
  3. Choose where to extract the files too. Ideally, you should extract them directly to the WoW Classic Addons folder. In most cases this is located in C:/Program File (x86)/World of Warcraft/_Classic_/Interface/AddOns. If you’ve installed WoW Classic in a different location you’ll need to navigate to that directory to find the “World of Warcraft” folder and its subfolders.
  4. Press “Ok” on the folder selection window and wait for the files to extract.
  5. Upon completion, your AddOns folder should have a new folder with the title of your new mod. When you start WoW Classic, your addons will be active.

Installing Wow Classic Addons on MacOS

  1. If you play World of Warcraft Classic on Apple MacOS, the process for installing mods is a little different compared to on PC, but the process is mostly the same.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded your chosen addon, you should find it in your Mac’s download folder. Open Finder and click on “Downloads” in the left hand column (it’s usually under favorites).
  3. Locate the .zip file that you just downloaded and double click it to automatically extract the files into a new folder with the same name as the mod you’re trying to install.
  4. Hover your mouse over the finder icon in your dock and crtl+click (or right-click if you’re using a two-button mouse) and select “New Finder Window” from the top of the list.
  5. Find the Applications folder, which is probably located under “favorites” in the left column and click it.
  6. Find the World of Warcraft Folder and click it to expand.
  7. Find the _classic” folder within that directory, then open the “Interface” folder.
  8. Drag the extracted mod folder from the first finder window into the “Interface” folder.
  9. Start WoW Classic to enjoy your newly installed addons.

Installing WoW Classic Addons via Twitch

  1. You might not know this, but Twitch – yes, the popular game streaming app – has been acquired by Curse, and for WoW players that means we have plenty of access to WoW and WoW Classic addons. This is the easiest way to install WoW Classic Addons and it prevents the need to extract files or move around folders.
  2. Open the Twitch client and log in (install the Twitch client, if needed)
  3. Navigate to the “Mods” tab, then select World of Warcraft
  4. Look at the drop down at the top of the client, click on the arrows to the right and choose the directory for WoW Classic (the final folder will be “_classic_” with “_retail_” represents the original World of Warcraft.
  5. The window in the client below will load a large collection of Wow Classic addons.
  6. Locate the addon or addons that you’d like to install, and press the download arrow/install button.
  7. Boot up WoW Classic and enjoy your new addons.

The Best and Must-Have WoW Classic Addons


Bagnon is one of my favorite and must-have addons for WoW Classic. It basically overhauls the inventory system and makes sifting through it much easier. It all starts by condensing your multiple inventory bags into one big bag and can even sort and group items by type automatically. The colored borders will give you an idea of an item’s quality, and the search function makes it easy to find what you’re looking for in a hurry. The coolest feature, I think, is that you can track items across multiple characters, so you can check on what your alts have without having to actually log in.

AtlasLoot Classic

If you miss the loot drop journal from the original World of Warcraft, then AtlasLoot Classic is definitely a must-have addon. In short, it lets you quickly look over the loot t ables for every raid and dungeon to see what bosses will drop the gear or items you need.


If you don’t like the look of the action bar in WoW Classic, then Bartender4 is about to become your best friend. This addon replaces the standard action bar with one that you can customize – including things like transparency, size, and positioning. You can even write simple macros to handle things like hiding various action bars when you’re not hovering over them.


VendorPrice isn’t necessarily a must-have addon, but it’s still very nice to have on hand. This addon is based on the automatic item valuation in Tooltips of the original WoW. This addon will basically help you decide what to sell or throw away when you start to run out of bag space, simple as that.


With Wow having evolved so much over more than a decade, there’s a lot of goodies that we all took for granted. A fine example of this are the quest and objective markers on the mini and world map. WoW Classic doesn’t have that, but it can, if you download and install Questie. The addon will simply put available quests on your maps and mark potential locations of your quest objectives. I should note that I have found it to be fairly accurate, but it’s not perfect.

Auctionator Classic

Of course, you need gold in WoW Classic, but it can be quite a pain to dea with auction house listings, right? Well, that’s where Auctionator Classic comes in. This addon will suggest listing prices for anything you want to put over the auction block and will even automated the posting process for you. It can also simplify the buying of tradeskill materials and other items for you too. This is another one that is considered a must-have in my opinion.

Deadly Boss Mods

There might not be a lot of things to track in WoW Classic yet, but Deadly Boss Mods is still a big must-have if you’re a frequent player. In short, the addon will nudge you when bosses or other enemies are coming your way and will even recommend a reaction. You’ll get information and alerts for all dungeons in Classic, with the exception of Blackrock Depths, Blackrock Spire, Dire Maul, and Scholomance, but these are currently in development and will be added soon.

Details! Damage Meter Classic

If you played World of Warcraft with any addons at all, then there’s a good chance that you had Details! Damage Meter – it is the most popular damage meter available today. Details! Damage Meter Classic is, obviously, the Classic port of that exact addon. It will tell you how much damage or healing you and your party members do based on abilities or individual fights. The Classic addon doesn’t have quite so many features as the addon for the original WoW, but it gives you enough and will help you make the right decision before doing something you’ll regret.

Titan Panel Classic

Titan Panel Classic is a cool addon that will add a pair of stripes to your screen (on at the top and one at the bottom) that can show customizable information about your character, how much gold or ammo you have, or even your PC performance, among many other things. Most of the important displays are built in by default, but you can also install plugins for if you want to display other information not given by default.

OmniCC Classic

Not a fan of the time sweep that pops up every time you case a spell or use an ability? Well, you can’t get rid of the countdown altogether, but you can replace that darkened sweep – which moves at a different rate for every ability or spell – with an actually countdown timer instead so you know exatly how much longer you have to wait to use it again. Just install the OmniCC Classic addon, and you’ll be good to go.