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The Best Games Coming in 2020

Doom Eternal – March 2020

I can’t stress enough how much the Doom series influenced the evolution of shooters. In Doom eternal, we’ll take the role of the ancient, most powerful and God damn Bad-ass character the world of gaming has ever seen. Like the rest of the Doom series, we’ll have to kill a lot of demons. The game looks even better, it has more guns, more explosives and definitely more blood all over the place. We get to see old models, upgraded to a 2020’ level, with finishing moves which make the Mortal Kombat series look like kid’s play. The environment looks alive, the soundtrack fits perfectly and helps the blood to run faster as you crush al lot of your enemies skulls. Armor and other equipment can be found while playing, and trust me they’re hard to miss. The biggest change is the ability to take control of a demon and go in another player’s campaign. This and the Demon hunting team, that will allow players to slay enemies with your friends, and let’s be serious here, Doom with your friends? Can It get better than this? The game is set to be released on March 20th, 2020 and will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Bleeding Edge – March 24, 2020

After you watch the trailer, I know what you’re thinking: This is overwatch without guns. Well, there is something more: First of all, the characters look amazing, not just for the design, but also for their abilities and the way you can play them. Even if you’re an alone killer, or you like the work with your team better, there is something for everybody here. There are some guns presented, but the core of the game is pure melee fun. No campers to piss you off, no more “op guns”, only hard punches and well-placed swords. As presented, the game features a 4v4 PVP experience, in which you take control of one of the many characters presented: Some of them will be based on weapons, some of them on elements like fire, robots, guns and some rolling blades which I assume will explode as soon as they hit something. Trap your opponent, use the environment to perform worthy kills, do your best to win and do it in a fun way. At the moment, the 4v4 is the only sure thing we have, but there is a small chance the other modes will be added into the game, like capturing objectives or protecting some areas. The game will be released in 2020, March 24th on PC and Xbox One.

Cyberpunk 2077 – April 26, 2020

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You’re breathtaking, that’s the first thing that comes in mind when thinking about Cyberpunk 2077. The game set in the year 2077, showing how humans have evolved, and now technology is a big part of our body. The game will feature one of the most unique customization options, alongside a skill tree, which will allow improving your character while playing, just as you want. You can become a strong, melee-based character, or you’re more into guns, but the best way to avoid direct confrontation is to become more of a hacker to turn their weapons against them. The action takes place in the “ worst city to live in America”, which is divided into different sectors. As you play through, you will get to get “upgrades” from black markets, and even improve our outfits. These upgrades will focus on your senses, like adding a “zoom” option to your eyes and gathering information from your enemies. The open world of Cyberpunk will allow you to interact with a lot of the environment. The missions will allow you to complete them as you wish, you can either play them cool, thinking your moves and preparing an elaborate plan. Or you could always shoot first and ask questions later.

Halo Infinite – Christmas 2020

Halo Infinite brings us back in action, back in a world where we’ve lost the war. With a brief look at what happened, we know only one thing, blood is about to hit the ground The environment presents us a desertic land, crawling with “mutant” creatures that actually don’t look so dangerous. Halo Infinite promises to be a more “human story”, with only one trailer at the moment which doesn’t present much of a danger in the world. The main focus is the environment, a lack of humans all over the planet. The Halo Infinite will probably be part of the Project Scarlett, the newest Xbox, lineup.

Watchdogs Legion – Mid-to-Late 2020

Watchdogs Legion will change the way open-world games work. With the opportunity to play as “anyone” and create a team of, well, NPCs is alone a crazy idea. But there is more, every NPC will have its own story, advantages, and problems. There are some NPCs which will bail out of jail the other NPCs. Some of them will be more powerful, or a higher chance to hack into some systems. Besides the NPCs, there are also robots. This system of recruitments, will only let you play as one at a time, what could you expect? Your choices will make your mission easier, for example, don’t pick the hacker in a mission that includes lots of fists and basically fights. The core of the game will be calculated moves and opportunities. Don’t expect to just choose the NPC you like and he becomes yours to take. You’ll have to do some extra jobs to prove that “The Resistance” is what they’re looking for. Don’t worry, it will be fun and rewarding, especially when you convince someone with lots of money and influence. But the best NPC that everyone should have, it’s not the lawyer, is the old lady, who’s a retired assassin. The things she can kill with only a purse. Watchdogs Legion will be released in April 2020

Diablo IV – Sometime in 2020

Diablo 4 was so happily received by the Diablo community, being more of a sequel to the Diablo 2. Some of the Diablo 2 features will be meet into the upcoming Diablo 4 and some of the Diablo 3 features will be changed or removed completely. New classes will join the fight, and the players will have a reason to grind more after the endgame. With the promise of more bonuses for items, instead of raw power. Now I don’t say that Diablo 3 isn’t great, but simply the story in Diablo 3 lacks the blood and the demonic symbols that made Diablo 2 great. With the great evil being Lilith, a powerful demon who was summoned to “ save” her children. We love the idea, the game for the small details that you see in cutscenes or on the environment. These little symbols, the tree of blood, the cape made out, well…blood. New creatures will roam the lands, more powerfull bosses, which will require players to actually dodge abilities, and trust me, there are a lot. Most of them won’t kill you but will raise the tension when the animation for the next movie starts. The game feels more alive, you can feel the action much more than in Diablo 3.

Wasteland 3 – May 19, 2020

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After the success that Wasteland 2 acquired in 2014, we’re expecting Wasteland 3. The tactical game will have more features, which will only improve the base-turn game in many ways. Colorado’s lands are filled with snow and blood, and some corpses hanging and even more dangerous enemies. We’ve seen how mechanic spiders are waiting for our next move, and I am sure he’s packing some heavy shots. The Multiplayer campaign is a brilliant idea, as long as you’ll play with a friend or someone you can work with. If online games taught us one thing, playing online requires strong nerves and a lot of communication. Even if the game presents a world under the control of a terrible leader, which will let tree kids, presented “worse than their father”. The game it’s dark, the storyline, the environment they’re just right, they fit perfectly and make us understand the game even better. There is some funny moment, that makes us and the crew forgets for a second the hell they’re living in. Wasteland 3 will be released on May 19th, 2020.