The Best Class in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Starting Class and Changing Classes

Before we start talking about the classes and what you should choose, keep in mind that, for such a large game, you can change the class, so when you create your character, you can go for an easy start, and improve it as you progress through the game.

If you choose a class that doesn’t suit you or you just want to try something new, you can go to the game main menu, select the skill tab, and unlock a new class. But to avoid an unfitting class, we will go through a description for every class.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Classes

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Ghost Recon will divide its characters into 4 different classes. This class will offer different individual “abilities” which will improve some weapons when equipped and specific items.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Assult Class

Assault is for players who like a true fight, for players who aren’t afraid to take a little bit of damage. Killing enemies will heal you and improve your resistance, this way you will reduce the damage taken by mistake or even reduce the damage produced by explosions. Besides healing, with the assult class, you will receive more life points than other classes and even a bonus for using assault rifles and shotguns. This class-specific item is the “gas grenade” which will deal damage over time.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Field Medic Class

Field Medic is the best option for those who are new to the world of shooters, as you can heal up using drones, so you won’t get hard punished for any beginner mistakes. You can also use the drones to heal your allies or revive them if things get out of hand too quickly. You can revive your teammates even faster, and move them quickly from one place to another if the situation is too dangerous. Your special item is the “Medkit” which will heal any damage and boost your health.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Panther Class

Panther is one of the two “silent assassins” present in the game. As a Panther, you must be invisible to enemies, with bonus movement speed and stealth, you can’t allow anyone to see you. You kill them while at close range with no witnesses or noise. Clock and Run will allow you to escape in smoke if you failed to remain undercover, or maybe use it to take down multiple targets in a tight situation. Your special item is the “Cloaking Spray” which will make you invisible to enemy drones.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Sharpshooter Class

Sharpshooter is the second stealth killer of Ghost Recon Breakpoint. This time we’ll take a safe place, from which we can snipe everything that moves, with special bullets that will penetrate the enemy’s armor. We’re preparing strong lungs because no perfect shot was made breathing (in case you don’t know how to hold your breath, just hold the SPACE key on your keyboard or hold the left trigger on your controller). There will be new bonuses for DMRs and snipers and a consistent reward for every headshot. Your special item is ” Sensor Launcher” which will “mark” enemies in a pretty large area.

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