It’s only been a couple of days since DICE initiated its most recent and very significant patch for Battlefield 5. The most important aspect of the update was all of the technical issues that were fixed. Beyond that, however, DICE also took care of some gameplay balancing issues and added some new content as well. That isn’t all that we got, though, as known Battlefield 5 data miner, temporyal, came across something quite interesting – French soldier skins.

The French solder skins were found within the updated game files installed as part of the April patch. Of course, there’s no guarantee that they’ll actually make it into the game at this point, so don’t set your hopes too high. That said, they are already inside the game files, so they are either planned for release or were planned to be released at some point in time. This could be reparation for the next DLC pack, or it could just be wishful thinking – we’ll just have to wait and see.

In other news, Battlefield Currency is now in full play and, believe it or not, even months after launch, pilots and tankers are still locked to female skins. We thought for sure this would have been addressed with the April update, but apparently, that isn’t the case. Maybe next time, right?


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