Teardown: Finally a Game That Lives Up to Its Name

Many games have “destruction” as their main goal, but there will always be parts of the environment that will be indestructible, and that’s frustrating. Teardown, on the other hand, lives up to his name, as the creator shows us just how you can destroy anything using, well, almost anything. You can even build different structures to, at least to some extent.

Driving in videogames is fun, but if you’ve played NFS, Gran Turismo Forza, or GTA, you’ve undoubtedly hit walls, trees, and many other obstacles. Like, seriously? can a tree stop a tank? Well in Teardown you can drive into buildings with no regard or concern that you’ll be stopped, only slowed down as the wall you hit breaks apart. If you don’t like cars, then we have a solution, I mean, a lot of solutions. Let’s start with the basic tool of demolition, the hammer. Do not expect to do a lot of damage, it will create a small area, but punching a wall a few times can be fun. Let’s try something else; a hammer doesn’t sound too fun, so what about explosive charges? Or, even better, a shotgun? Everything you get can be used to destroy the environment. The purpose of the game is to collect a few keycards, from a factory. Collecting one of them will start the alarm which will start a timer until the police show up. You must collect the remaining keycards and make it to the extraction point in that short time frame.

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The point of this is to destruct and build a path so that you can get from one keycard to the next quickly and, eventually to the extraction point. As of right now, we’ve only seen this one level, but the creator has said that he’s not building levels with any one solution in mind. In other words, you can play the same level, in theory, an infinite number of times doing it differently each and every time. We assume there will be more levels upon the game’s release, but it’s still in the early stages, so it’s hard to say what we can expect.

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